Audio material for a paper to be presented at the 8th Art of Record Production Conference in Québec City, 12–14 July [1], and the 135th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society in New York City, 17–20 October [2].

Raw multitracks from Weathervane Music’s Shaking Through. Compared are a knowledge-engineered autonomous mixing system (KEAMS - subject of the research), an autonomous mixing system solely based on extracted, low-level signal features (VST), two human mixing engineers (amateur and pro) and a sum of the peak-normalised, raw audio (sum).

[1] Brecht De Man and Joshua D. Reiss, “A semantic approach to autonomous mixing”, Journal on the Art of Record Production, Vol. 8, December 2013.

[2] Brecht De Man and Joshua D. Reiss, “A knowledge-engineered autonomous mixing system,” 135th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, October 2013.