Incited by my research (which is on intelligent mixing engineering systems), I have found myself reading tons of practical textbooks about mixing and interviews with some of the best engineers in the field. To learn about these people, and what others mean when they say ‘This guy’s mixes are really punchy and hard-hitting’, I made a few playlists for myself in Spotify - which lately I’m using easily 7 hours per day - of which the links can be found in my Twitter feed.

They are by no means comprehensive, a hundred percent correct, or cut to fit an average working day, but maybe someone at some point might enjoy them. So far, I’ve uploaded some of the works of Andy Wallace, brothers Chris and Tom Lord-Alge, and Al Schmitt, with very likely more to follow.

This blog may be used for a variety of purposes, such as loose ends and side projects in my research that I want to share, things about my work as a recording engineer, and thoughts, musings, opinions, links to stuff I enjoy, …

First and foremost, the function of this website is to promote my recording engineering job.