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Brecht De Man and Joshua D. Reiss, ”Analysis of Peer Reviews in Music Production,” Journal on the Art of Record Production, Vol. 10, July 2015. [html | pdf | BibTeX]

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The article I wrote on recent research on perception of mixing practices, “Analysis of Peer Reviews in Music Production”, is now available for anyone to read in the 10th issue of the Journal on the Art of Record Production. In December I already presented this work at the Art of Record Production (ARP) Conference in Oslo, Norway. 

Most relevant resources are referenced in the paper (the Open Multitrack Testbed, the Audio Perceptual Evaluation (APE) toolbox for MATLAB, and the more recent Web Audio Evaluation Tool for browser-based listening tests) for sustainability and reproducibility of the research. 
The (anonymised) comments and other data resulting from the perceptual evaluation will be made available soon on this page, hopefully in interactive form. 
Information on the listening test (such as impulse responses of the listening environment) are included in this previous blog post.