In the interest of scheduling meetings and advertising events I'm involved in or which I just highly recommend, here's a schedule of this Autumn's (or 'Fall' as they say there) trip to the US. Already looking very busy and I don't doubt every last minute of it will be filled. Looking forward! 

Timelines created with the Google Chart API (see this JSFiddle) and subject to change. 

New York City   28 October - 2 November

Main event: 139th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society at Javits Convention Center
  • Student events as Chair of the Student Delegate Assembly (Europe and International Regions) [link]
  • Poster: D. Ronan, B. De Man, H. Gunes and J. D. Reiss, "The Impact of Subgrouping Practices on the Perception of Multitrack Music Mixes" [link | paper]
  • Panelist on Tutorial T21: "Advances in Semantic Audio and Intelligent Music Production" (Chair: Ryan Stables) [link]

  • Paper 7-3 A. Wilson and B. Fazenda, "101 Mixes: A Statistical Analysis of Mix-Variation in a Dataset of Multi-Track Music Mixes" [link | paper]
  • Workshop W12: "Mixing Meets Mastering: Where the Line becomes Blurred" (George Massenburg, Mandy Parnell, Ronald Prent, Darcy Proper and Michael Romanowski; chaired by Rob Toulson) [link]
  • Workshop W20: "Perceptual Evaluation of High Resolution Audio" (Bob Katz, George Massenburg and Bob Schulein; chaired by Joshua D. Reiss) [link]
  • Workshop W26: "Application of Semantic Audio Analysis to the Music Production Workflow" (Gy├Ârgy Fazekas (co-chair), Ryan Stables (co-chair), Jay LeBoeuf, Bryan Pardo) [link]

Chicago   2 - 5 November

Main event: visiting Mark Cartwright and Bryan Pardo at the Interactive Audio Lab, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. 

Philadelphia   5 - 9 November

Main event: 10th Art of Record Production Conference at Drexel University

Presenting "Mixed reviews: Evaluation through peer review in international audio education", Friday 6 November, 14:30 in URBN 128